About Us


Michelle and I often talked in college about living closer to the land, creating a life a bit simpler than the typical suburban story. It was our newlywed Peace Corps experience in Azerbaijan that really pushed us in this direction. We remember so fondly the fresh, locally grown produce brought into our Azeri town each morning. Up to that point we had never tasted produce so fresh and local, or actually cooked using whole ingredients. We now had to create meals using raw vegetables and meats. We thought we knew how to cook, but during our service in the Peace Corps we learned how to prepare a nourishing meal, not just open cans and stir. The fruits and vegetables were full of flavor and only available during their growing season. We tasted a "real" chicken for the first time, an old stewing hen that had more flavor than I thought possible. We were participating in a localized food system and loving it. 

Once we returned to Oklahoma we were very disappointed in the beautiful, bright, colorful produce with absolutely no flavor. Grocery store chicken was plentiful but never came close to tasting like that old stewing hen. It was then that we realized how our entire generation had probably never really tasted quality produce and older generations had probably forgotten that wonderful flavor.

A local food movement was just starting to grow here in Oklahoma and we wanted to be a part of it. We wanted to help bring that moment of joy when we tasted the most amazing chicken soup to our fellow Oklahomans, to our friends, to our customers. Our mission with Four Points Farm is to produce the finest pork, chicken, and eggs that we possibly can.

What could be more fundamental to our lives than food and the land that grows it? Our farm works to promote living soils and abundant forage that in turn produces healthy meats and eggs. We strive to work with nature by experimenting with regenerative practices and permaculture designs to produce nutrient-dense foods for us and restore healthy life back to the soil.