Our Pracrtices

LOCAL | While serving in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan, Michelle and I were able to see a thriving local food system. It was amazing to see small cars loaded full with produce flow into town every morning. The farmers benefited from direct sales to their customers. The system wasn't perfect, but it worked amazingly well for the local, rural economy.  We would love to take inspiration from that local food economy and try and apply some of those ideas here in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Like the farmers there, we want to know our customers and earn their trust in us to produce and provide some of their food. Our customers are our friends and they are local. They visit the farm, eat at our table, and share our values. 

ECOLOGICALLY REGENERATIVE | For any farm to even be sustainable, its soil must be nurtured and protected. Fossil fuels and modern chemical technologies are tools that have allowed farmers to increase production, but this comes at a cost. We believe this production style is short-sighted and has negative results for the soil and the health of the consumer. Protecting and promoting an abundant living soil is key to not only sustaining our farm but actually regenerating our land. We choose to let our land dictate how much produce and how many animals we are allowed to grow. By observing and designing ways to capture more sunlight and rainfall, rotating our livestock, and finding symbiotic animal/land relationships we will, over time, continue to heal our soils and in turn increase productivity. 

INNOVATIVE | We believe one of America's greatest values has been its ability to blaze new, unknown paths. While building on the work of the pioneers of organic, sustainable, and regenerative agriculture, we are seeking to find new ways to innovate. We are willing to experiment with new ways to farm and think outside the box as we seek more ways to contribute to the regenerative agriculture movement. 

QUALITY | Modern industrial farming has selected for varieties that are able to withstand the stress of harvesting, shipping, and processing - often at the expense of flavor. Other important qualities such as nutrient density and local adaptability of plants and animals are also sacrificed. Our lifetime goal at Four Points Farm is to grow and offer the highest quality and most flavorful products possible, by selecting the fruits, vegetables, and animals that can thrive in our Oklahoma climate and provide a quality in taste beyond anything else in this area.